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Novel Lunar Surface Power Plant - European Charging Station pre-phase A

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Novel Lunar Surface Power Plant - European Charging Station pre-phase A

The European Charging Station for the Moon is a proposed payload for future use in the next phases of establishing human presence on the Moon, envisioned to provide power to multiple Users on the lunar surface. Two configurations have been considered, each of which are able to provide more than 7 kW to up to three Users during the lunar day: the Astronaut Science Enabler, which can also provide 260 W to Users using its RFCS during the lunar night, and the Astronaut Science Enabler with Peak Power Capability, which uses an additional battery pack to provide an additional boost of 8 kW for up to three hours during the lunar day. The work performed in the pre-Phase A study has included a refinement of the collated requirements and the definition of a trade space for the completion of a detailed trade-off study for various design aspects, which has resulted in the detailed design of the AstroSci and PeakPwr configurations, both in terms of their overall configurations and the subsystem designs. From this, the operational modes have been established, the critical technologies have been identified, a programmatic dossier detailing the development, launch and operational costs has been created, and the perceived value of the ECSM power provision to customers has been discussed

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