Nebula Public Library

The knowledge bank of ESA’s R&D programmes


What is Nebula?

Nebula is the knowledge bank of ESA’s R&D programmes. It aims to make information including the executive summary about ESA’s R&D  projects  accessible.

Nebula started with ESA’s Discovery and Preparation element activities, which are openly accessible since the early 2000s (then GSP - General Studies Programme). Since 2021, ESA has been adding also Technology Development Element (former Technology Research Programme – TRP) activities and GSTP activities. The portfolio  Nebula is thus constantly growing with more R&D activities being added, as soon as these close and deliverables are approved.

Why Nebula?

ESA shares the outcomes of its R&D activities to ensuring that the knowledge and experienced gained is available to build upon it in future work, provide the public with general information about these activities, allow interested industry to benefit from results, find partners and competences.

Nebula furthermore facilitates avoiding needless repetition

How does it work?


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Each R&D project or activity in Nebula has a dedicated page containing information on the activity and the contractor, a short description, the executive summary and, when applicable, final presentation and further informative resources.


Logged-in ESA employees can get access to a more complete set of information.







Activities and projects can be browsed and identified through a variety of general search criteria in the Multiple-programme Search tab…

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….or through the Adavanced Search tab with additional, more refined filters.