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Adaptation of a device for muscle health and physical condition research

Wed, 11/08/2023 - 13:00
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The objective of this activity is to procure MyotonPRO devices, used in medical, sports and research application on Earth and implement the modifications necessary for ensure their flight worthiness on the ISS to support the Myoton experiment. The MyotonPRO device is necessary since the experiment protocol is based on the performances and capabilities of such a device. This work will raise the TRL level of the MyotonPRO equipment from 5 to 7.
The Myoton experiment has the main objective of understanding the fundamental adaptation mechanisms related to the structure-function-biomechanics interrelations of the human resting myofascial (muscular) system when exposed to long term continuous microgravity. This experiment has been selected for flight on the ISS within the ILSRA (International Life Science Research Announcement) 2014 exercise, and it is planned that ESA astronaut A. Gerst (flying in May 2018) will be the first subject. The device needs to be ready for the third quarter of 2017. The device is currently being used for medical and research applications on Earth (e.g. for medical, sports and research applications). It is necessary to adapt this device for space. The flight qualification and acceptance approach will consider that the device is a COTS and therefore a simplified and faster process will be implemented. The work foreseen in this activity includes:
  • Purchase of 5 Myoton PRO devices
  • Safety assessment and implementation of necessary safety features
  • PCB coating
  • Switch implementation
  • Software modification to comply with operational requirements and external interfaces
  • Testing of units
  • Acceptance documentation preparation and acceptance process execution
These activities will be accompanied by the appropriate QA and safety activities to ensure proper quality level and safe operation for use on the ISS. Support for complementary and the follow-up steps of this activity (i.e. transfer to the ISS, utilisation, data dissemination) is provided by Human Spaceflight and Exploration (e.g. via ISS operational resources and ELIPS).
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14 - Life & Physical Sciences
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6-Life & Physical Science Payloads, Life Support, Robotics & Automation
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