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Alcantara: Characterization of Equatorial Ionospheric Anomaly in African/Asian region

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The ERICA team set up an ad-hoc measurement campaign (March-October 2015) carried on with contribution of local experts in Indonesia and Vietnam, who conducted the data collection with ground-based instruments deployed in the footprints of EIA and EIT. The set of instruments included scintillation and Total Electron Content (TEC) monitors, magnetometers, and ionosondes. Collected data comprehend raw and processed data from GNSS scintillation monitors and variation of the components of the geomagnetic field. To support the assessment of the ionospheric electron density distribution, data from International GNSS Service receivers in the area were also used. Raw GNSS datasets were collected with a custom front-end deployed at the NAVIS Centre in Hanoi. The collected data were used to assess the ionospheric features that characterize the upper atmosphere over Vietnam and Indonesia. The adopted approach was twofold: an overall climatology of the ionosphere in the considered region and an in-depth analysis of specific weather events.

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