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Combined space and maritime innovation networks

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Combined space and maritime innovation networks

ESA member states are investing heavily in ESA-programmes, whilst EU Member States have invested heavily in the Copernicus programme and the new Sentinel satellite systems. However, the wealth of business opportunities, the knowledge, technology and data the space sector represents is not fully exploited. The Maritime sector is vital to Europe, both with regard to employment and business value, however, the use of Earth Observation (EO) and other space technology could be stronger in this sector. Space technology based services are an important enabling technology, and the business opportunities related to this technology should be exploited. To enhance this, innovators need support and guidance on how to best seize these opportunities.
With this in mind, the CINMarS project, funded by the European Space Agency, has provided analyses, knowledge and recommendations on how to create opportunities to strengthen links, and enhance business collaboration between space and maritime sector, which can contribute to employment and economic growth in Europe. The analyses and recommendations which formed the basis of the actions suggested in the Roadmap - the principle deliverable to be produced from the CINMarS activities - were founded on literature studies and qualitative data extracted from interviews, workshop data and document studies. Literature studies were used to provide the bedrock of the recommendations and implementation actions, with information derived from consultee data used to supplement findings and to document that the findings are more than anecdotal.

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