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FAMOUS improvement: transfer of academic knowledge to semantic interoperability

Fri, 06/30/2023 - 17:31
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The Netherlands

The space industry and allied agencies have long acknowledged the interest and added value of Model-Based System Engineering in expediting the design, development, deployment, and verification of space systems. The definition of models and equipment that can serve the diverse objectives of system engineering process has been the focus of numerous initiatives over the past few decades. The next stage is to employ MBSE broadly throughout the system life cycle across disciplines and the supply chain. The Fact Modelling Unifying System (FAMOUS) combines a methodology for information modelling with a generic language based on first-order logic to convey the semantics of a 'world of speech'.

FAMOUS uses a controlled natural language to ensure effective communication with all parties. FAMOUS results from an effort of experts in fact-based modelling acting in transferring decades of academic knowledge on semantic modelling to industry. FAMOUS reuses some of the best of semantic modelling using NIAM, CogNIAM, ORM, DOGMA and FCO-IM. The logic-based graphical notation used by FAMOUS is ORM object role modelling. Models created using FAMOUS can be expressed verbally in a controlled natural language and graphically, allowing each stakeholder to thoroughly check the semantics contained in the models. FAMOUS enables semantic modelling, which purpose is to capture the WHAT-making abstraction of any implementation specifics. Applying FAMOUS to the development of space products means ensuring that each product specification is established thoroughly and explicitly before any development by some suppliers is initiated. Information modelling using FAMOUS searches to ensure the completeness of the system requirements specifications, eliminating any risk of ambiguities.

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Generic Technologies
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8 - System Design & Verification
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9-Digital Engineering
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