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Multi-purpose Cubesat at the ISS

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Multi-purpose Cubesat at the ISS

The CubISSat study investigates the feasibility of operating a multi-purpose small satellite in the International Space Station (ISS) environment whose aim is to provide the ground and flight crew with effective tools to cope with a variety of situations, potentially avoiding to rely on complex robotics and extravehicular activities as currently conceived. The project has been promoted by the General Studies Programme (GSP) with the purpose to provide European Space Agency (ESA) and its member states with the necessary information on which to base their decisions about the implementation of new programmes and the future direction of space activities.
The study, kicked-off on March 2016, is executed by a team composed of three partners: Tyvak International SRL, Politecnico di Torino University and OHB System AG. Tyvak acts as the main technical and managerial responsible for the study, including iterations with the partners and with ESA and for all the deliverables and coordination activities.

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