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Digital ground segment management through integrated MBSE and IT provisioning

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Digital ground segment management through integrated MBSE and IT provisioning

The core objective of MBSE-IT was to provide a digital link between ground segment systems and the infrastructure on which the software is deployed and it was implemented by the definition of a physical deployment model for the system as a dedicated viewpoint on the overall system model for the ground segment. The MBSE-IT activity outcome aids the provision of a holistic view of the system with traceability across functional and logical architecture through to physical architecture, offering a single source of truth for the overall system design, configuration, and deployment, including software and operating system baseline versions. It enables improved resource utilization forecasting and clarity on deployment plan and deployment status and provides the ability to have a machine-readable and query-able, bi-directional link between IT systems and ground segment software deployment. It can make queries based on the information of the model which will be developed / extended and enables impact analyses of unavailability of systems e.g., of planned or unexpected downtime or of security incident occurrence on IT infrastructure verses the resulting mission / functional impact.The software changes are implemented as updates to the GSEF and an additional domain model library for MBSE-IT is provided with the GSEF source code and available in the deployment. The latest version of GSEF is available on the ESA CoDev Platform.

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