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Imaging at 1-10 microsecond resolution from a space platform

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ETD 2022-04-b
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Imaging at 1-10 microsecond resolution from a space platform

Conventional high-speed video cameras present major limitations for space applications, they are heavy, bulky and require a lot of resources to operate and to space qualify. The study proposes the use of the neuromorphic camera technology for high-speed imaging in space. Neuromorphic cameras, also called event-cameras, offer advantages such as small size, low power consumption, and high temporal resolution, making them suitable for detecting fast phenomena like lightning and space debris. The advantages also make them relatively easy to space-qualify. The project aims to demonstrate the feasibility of using event cameras for lightning imaging, with plans to test a Dynamic Vision Sensor (DVS); a DAVIS 346, on ground and in space and to develop a roadmap for space applications of neuromorphic sensors.

Executive summary