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Earth Observation Multi-mission Phase-E2 Operational Calibration

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Earth Observation Multi-mission Phase-E2 Operational Calibration

ESA has a leading role in establishing and maintaining quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) strategies in all phases of its Earth Observation (EO) missions. Expressed in the Mission Requirement Documents (MRDs) and in the Phase E Management Plan, these strategies ensure that instrument performance and generated products are monitored and that the scientific and operational mission requirements are met or even exceeded.
This study, named MOSAEC (Methodologies for Operational Systems: Assessment of Enhanced and new Calibration approaches), directly addressed the overall objective: to assess appropriate Phase E operational calibration methodologies for technical procedures and systems scenarios for two different EO systems. MOSAEC was split into two separate studies led by ARGANS and ARESYS

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