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Earth Observation Multi-mission Phase-E2 Operational Calibration

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Earth Observation Multi-mission Phase-E2 Operational Calibration

The project title is “Earth Observation Multi-mission Phase-E2 Operational Calibration: assessment of enhanced and new methodologies, technical procedures and systems scenarios”. It corresponds to the Invitation to tender AO:1-7043/11/F/MOS.
This study aimed at developing methodologies for monitoring the sensor radiometry over three types of surface, ocean, sunglint and desert, and implementing them into the ESA DIMITRI software, which contained tools for the intercomparison of Top Of Atmosphere (TOA) radiance and reflectance values in the spectral range [0.400 -4] μm. The performance of the method has been assessed on temporal series of TOA reflectances acquired by ATSR-2, AATSR, PARASOL, MERIS, MODIS, and VEGETATION sensors over the different sites.

Executive summary