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Q-Switched Optical Master Oscillator QOMA 2

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Raymetrics S.A.
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The objective of this new activity shall be to produce a compact Nd:YAG laser source in a form of a space compatible building block based on the already developed breadboard during QOMA activity (NMG11-12MM, GR3007, QSwitched Master Oscillator based on Multidoping Nd: YAG Technology for Optoelectronics Space Applications (QOMA)).
The building block shall maintain the two novel but proven technologies of the previous activity pumping at 885 nm as well as multisegmented high dopping crystals). The new technical objectives of this activity are: extending its energy up to 10-15mJ, with a repetition rate from 50 Hz up to 100 Hz maintaining same pulse length, beam spatial and temporal stability and M2. To that purpose, a more powerful pumping-diode stack shall be used as well as a specially designed Nd:YAG multi-segmented crystal rod of higher diameter and increased doping concentration. In addition to that, smaller/compact optical components shall be implemented so that the final product will be a compact laser source suitable for space-bourne applications.
Furthermore the transition from QOMA 1 breadboard requires a redesign of the cooling system, to incorporate only conductive cooling.
The key output drivers for this activity shall be an improvement of the electrical to optical efficiency that shall exceed a plug in efficiency of 15% as well as a reduction of the heat dissipation requirements up to 40% compared to the existing conventional pumped laser system of same output energy.
The activity is divided into 3 main steps:
  • Simulation Analysis and Preliminary design.
  • Technological demonstration on bench.
  • Space compatibility of elements.
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Generic Technologies
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17 - Optoelectronics
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1-EEE Components, Photonics, MEMS
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