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Toolchain to connect EDS and TASTE

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Toolchain to connect EDS and TASTE
The objective of the proposed activity is to develop a tool-chain connecting Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) and the MBSE toolchain named TASTE, providing utilities for models consistency checking and automating code generation from EDS models.='times>
TASTE is a toolchain developed by ESA to provide tools for Model Based Software Engineering (MBSE). It provides tools for defining system architecture (in AADL), data model (in ASN.1/ACN) and behavior (in SDL), as well as automatic code generation (to Ada and C), model simulation and validation. EDS (CCSDS 876.0) is a proposed standard for exchanging Electronic Data Sheets (EDS) between various entities involved in spacecraft development. It provides means to define components with their interfaces and the corresponding data model, as well as their behavior, using a single XML schema.
There is much semantic overlap between the models defined within EDS and the core languages supported by TASTE. However, while CCSDS 876.0 is an international standardization effort, it relies on new proprietary languages for which no mature tools exist. It is a new development lacking well established supporting infrastructure. On the other hand toolchain already provides an extensive toolset for MBSE based on documented standards and is designed to integrate components described in different languages, such as SDL, C, Ada, VHDL or Simulink.
Providing CCSDS 876.0 EDS support in TASTE should benefit both - EDS would gain access to a proven MBSE tool-chain, while it would integrate another language facilitating formalized model exchange between international stakeholders. The list of tasks to be performed are:
    • Develop a TASTE to EDS translator, that allows to export components defined in TASTE to the EDS proprietary format ;
    • Develop an EDS model importer allowing to bring EDS components into TASTE ;
    • Develop test cases to demonstrate the import and export facilities ;
    • Document the end-to-end process;
    • Report any issue found during the development as possible change requests to the EDS Standardisation group or TASTE Steering Committee ;
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2 - Space System Software
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3-Avionic Systems
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