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ENCORE – In-Orbit Servicing of an Operational Spacecraft

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United Kingdom
ENCORE – In-Orbit Servicing of an Operational Spacecraft

The market for life‐extension services for geostationary orbit (GEO) satellites is expected to remain healthy for the foreseeable future: over the last 20 years, an average of 22 new GEO satellites were launched per year. In total, ClearSpace expects there will be 370 potential client satellites that will reach their end of life due to the limited fuel they have remaining over the 2026–2041 period. ClearSpace believes a strong market penetration rate is feasible, as more than 30% of all the potential satellites belong to just seven satellite operators. ClearSpace proposes a mission to extend the service life of a geostationary communications satellite that will have depleted all its fuel in 2028.

The ENCORE (Europe’s New Commercial Orbital Revenue Extension) mission is an opportunity for ClearSpace to leverage its existing developments performed on other missions to accelerate its market penetration and diversify its service offerings.

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