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Magnetic Field Perturbations by Thermo-Electric Effects

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Magnetic Field Perturbations by Thermo-Electric Effects

Moving charges produce magnetic fields. Since thermal transients produce an electric current, thermal transients produce magnetic fields. It has been shown that the generation of these magnetic fields in the vicinity of sensitive instruments leads to a degradation of recorded data.

Getting closer to a theoretical solution and to an effective mitigation technique will help magnetic missions in ESA’s Science programme, Earth Observation programme and, in fact, all missions that employ magnetic-sensitive sensors.

The end goal of this activity was to aggregate the information produced by theory and simulations and to put it into a mission-oriented context. Detailed analysis of the simulations was presented in order to produce a theoretical and quantitative description of the results. An overview of the resulting magnetic field was discussed for the fiducial configurations and for other geometries. Based on these results, an algorithm to solve the disturbance issue at the data processing level and magnetic cleanliness methods were proposed.

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