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GE⊕ Lunar Power Station

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GE⊕ Lunar Power Station

The main objective of the study is to investigate the technological feasibility of implementing the GE⊕-LPS concept, and its role as a prototype for proposed cislunar scenarios supplying electric power to Earth. The methodological approach to the study has been to identify and validate the most simple and effective solutions which ould be practically implemented with known and existing technologies and approaches.

Another objective was the evaluation of the economic feasibility. Would the implementation of the GE⊕-LPS be worth the initial investment? Simply providing power to a modest lunar operation would most probably not justify nor attract the necessary investment and commitment needed for its implementation. Therefore, the study has analysed the GE⊕-LPS concept in its macro-economic context that considers competing approaches to terrestrial and space-based power producing systems.

The Greater Earth Lunar Power Station (GE⊕-LPS) as proposed in this study is a multipurpose concept that addresses several critical issues related to lunar development and terrestrial energy production. Briefly stated, the GE⊕ Lunar Power Station is a solar power satellite to deliver MWs of microwave power to the lunar surface with a small integrated habitable space station. GE⊕-LPS will be constructed primarily from lunar resources and materials using lunar based automatised manufacturing processes. As such, the GE⊕-LPS can provide needed electrical power for lunar based activities, serve as a gateway between Earth and Moon operations, provide artificial gravity for adaptive health purposes, serve as an attractive tourist destination and possibly become the prototype for future space settlements in geo-lunar space. Perhaps more importantly, as the GE⊕-LPS concept and its energy production functions may be scaled to any dimension, larger versions could be positioned in Earth orbit and provide much needed clean solar energy for terrestrial purposes.

As such, the GE⊕-LPS unites the aims of lunar development with widely shared aspirations of spaceflight while addressing the critical energy and environmental needs of human civilisation on Earth.


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