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The studies library NEBULA provides access to all publicly available final deliverables of past activities run by ESA's Discovery and Preparation elements of the Basics Activities. (former General Studies Programme - GSP)

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Format: 2021
Format: 2021
Format: 2021
Space Debris Deflection by Space-Based Laser

The study takes place in the context of the space environment remediation.

Thales Alenia Space
OSMoSE Ontology Governance

Space industry and Agencies have recognized already for quite some time the interest and added value of Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) in streamlining the design, development, deployment and verification of space systems.

Active Optics in deployable systems for future EO and Science missions

Increasingly demanding space-based applications require a large primary mirror diameter, on which depends the optical instrument resolution.

Thales Alenia Space
Removal of the VESPA Upper Part

The objective of the Landmark ClearSpace-1 mission will be to demonstrate the complete value chain of Active Debris Removals by removing an ESA owned object (a VESPA Upper Part orbiting at 500Km altitude) by 2025.

Universität Stuttgart
Novel Thermal Energy Storage and Electricity generation for Moon exploration

One of the most critical points in the space exploration beyond Earth orbits is the provision of systems which ensure the survival of both crew and technological assets, such as rovers, landers, and others.

Sonaca Space

Due to the harsh nature of outer space, stringent requirements and performance are required from space systems.

Lunar ISRU Demonstration Mission Definition Study Segment 1

The contract was part of the broader framework of two ESA-led mission study teams performing parallel and independent activities to establish the mission concept, considering the ISRU payload (Segment 1), the delivery service (lander, Segment 2) a

OHB System AG


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