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The studies library NEBULA provides access to all publicly available final deliverables of past activities run by ESA's Discovery and Preparation elements of the Basics Activities. (former General Studies Programme - GSP)

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Format: 2019
Format: 2019
Format: 2019
3D Printing of Living Tissues for Space Exploration

Human exploratory missions to the Moon or Mars, are widely considered as the next logical steps in human space exploration and, lately, settlements.

OHB System AG
Using GNSS and Big Data Techniques to improve safety in critical maritime operations

This project was intended to contribute to the implementation of the e-navigation concept (as defined by IMO, Ref.

REACH into LCA – Integration of REACH and CRMs into the Life Cycle Assessment framework

For the REACH assessment, the proposed method relies on both ESA’s existing Life Cycle Assessment(LCA) framework and the Materials & Processes Technology Board (MPTB) Database. Then, the method was structured in three steps:

Deloitte Sustainability
Advanced Automation Concept for Complex Constellation Management

Recently, a variety of satellite constellations, some of them feature spacecraft quantities up to over a thousand of satellites, were announced.

TU Braunschweig
New Microwave Sampling Concepts for Future TT&C Architectures

In summary, simulated and analysed parameters for each component are used to define the requirements for each application. For the flight model, the most important parameters are power consumption, cost and mass of the components.

Antwerp Space
Growing fungi structures in space

The mushroom forming fungi Pleurotus ostreatus (PO), Trametes versicolor (TV) and Schizophyllum commune (SC) are known to effectively colonize organic material.

The Netherlands
University of Utrecht
Local sleep episodes during wakefulness and long term space travel

The aim of this study is to assess how space travel modifies local sleep episodes in wakefulness during a visuo-motor task and weather this is related to performance.

UL Bruxelles
Quantum Metrology for Space-Based Tests of Gravitational Physics

This study aimed to develop a framework for studying the effects of spacetime curvature on the propagation of quantum states of light, and to compare them with the propagation of classical light.

University of Bern
Delay Tolerant Network for flexible communication with EO satellites

The DTN-EO study was initiated in order to research the performance of DTN in future missions, particularly Earth Observation and constellation-type missions.

APEL: Assessment of atmospheric optical Properties during biomass burning Events and Long-range transport of desert dust

The main scope of this activity was to foster the exchange of expertise between the European Lidar Network (EARLINET) and South American Lidar Network (LALINET), and demonstrate the capability of joint research, setting the groundwork for GALION (

National Institute of R&D for Optoelectronics


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