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The studies library NEBULA provides access to all publicly available final deliverables of past activities run by ESA's Discovery and Preparation elements of the Basics Activities. (former General Studies Programme - GSP)

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Format: 2020
Format: 2020
Format: 2020
Removal of the VESPA Upper Part

The objective of the Landmark ClearSpace-1 mission will be to demonstrate the complete value chain of Active Debris Removals by removing an ESA owned object (a VESPA Upper Part orbiting at 500Km altitude) by 2025.

Universität Stuttgart
Novel Thermal Energy Storage and Electricity generation for Moon exploration

One of the most critical points in the space exploration beyond Earth orbits is the provision of systems which ensure the survival of both crew and technological assets, such as rovers, landers, and others.

Sonaca Space
Lunar ISRU Demonstration Mission Definition Study Segment 1

The contract was part of the broader framework of two ESA-led mission study teams performing parallel and independent activities to establish the mission concept, considering the ISRU payload (Segment 1), the delivery service (lander, Segment 2) a

OHB System AG
Radiation-Hardness Components at Scaled Technology Nodes – Test of Single-Events Effects in ARM Cores (ARIADNA)

The main goals of this Ariadna study was to determine the radiation hardness of potential future space processors.

Czech Republic
Saskatchewan University
Scientific concept study for wide-swath high-resolution cloud profiling

This study focuses on the synergistic retrieval of cloud information from active and passive observations. While this synergistic approach is well established for precipitation, it is used less so for clouds.

University of Hamburg
3D Printing of Living Tissues for Space Exploration

Human exploratory missions to the Moon or Mars, are widely considered as the next logical steps in human space exploration and, lately, settlements.

OHB System AG
Innovative security concepts, mechanisms and architectures for future space missions

Present ESA R&T study aimed to achieve following objectives:

Thales Alenia Space
Prototype Retrieval Algorithms Based on Synergistic Use of Microwave and Optical Imagers for land application

With the launch of the first Sentinel satellites, a new era in Earth Observation has started that allows for the development of new approaches that use these novel observations at high temporal frequencies and fine spatial resolution with compleme

Using GNSS and Big Data Techniques to improve safety in critical maritime operations

This project was intended to contribute to the implementation of the e-navigation concept (as defined by IMO, Ref.



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