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Adaptive Density Minimal Surfaces: discovery of a new method for the design of integrated structural geometries adapted to a multitude of simultaneous requirements

Mon, 10/24/2022 - 16:59
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ETD 2020-03-d
Spherene AG

Spherene AG

Spherene AG is a swiss software development startup providing technology to seamlessly integrate autonomous design into existing additive manufacturing workflows. Spherene AG is committed to the creation of a sustainable economy which is founded on the local manufacturing of only the objects that are needed. Its key principles are material-efficient 3D printing, upgrading, and repairing, instead of replacing & recycling or disposal.

ADMS - The Perfect Minimal Surface for Additive Manufacturing

Minimal Surfaces have a lot of beneficial properties such as high strength, self support, low thermal stresses and very porous topology, making them ideal for additive manufacturing. The Spherene ADMS - Adaptive Density Minimal Surface algorithm generates massless, high performance components while maintaining complete control over important boundary conditions.

Re-Thinking Engineering

Spherene ADMS solutions accelerate part design development time by focusing the engineering on important boundary conditions (Mounting holes, build volume, forces and material choice) and letting the Spherene ADMS algorithm calculate the best solution.

Highly Efficient Structure for Additive Manufacturing

ADMS generated components are easily depowderable and print with minimal to none support structures, becoming cost-effective to the point where they cost less when additively manufactured than coming out of a conventional manufacturing process.


Spherene ADMS allow for a seamless transition between surfaces and density changes for different loads. A multitude of parameters can be controlled, the choice of open / closed parts or specific wall thickness. On the other hand, TPMS - Triply Periodic Minimal Surface like Gyroid, Schwarz or Lidinoid are repeating in three orthogonal directions, a property which firstly seems advantageous, but allows for no change in density or connection to another structure or closed surfaces.

Architecting Materials

Resulting in a nearly constant E-Module (Young Modulus), Spherene ADMS is a revolution for architecting materials to alter material properties and create all new kinds of new applications. Think of 3D printed flexible light weight steel.

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