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Enabling Continuity: from Design to Operations

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Enabling Continuity: from Design to Operations

The D2OPS activity started with the goal of applying MBSE practices to enable digital continuity between design and operations. This study involves the following main activities:

  • ML with the context of MBSE: demonstrates the integration of MBSE to bridge the gap between the domain experts and the data scientists and applying ML for satellite mission operations.
  • Demonstration of the planning application scenario using the Advanced Planning & Scheduling Initiative (APIS) framework. The planning app demonstrates the Onboard Autonomy Experiment that has been deployed on ESA’s OPS-SAT mission scenario.
  • Development of proof-of-concept tool for procedure generation and verification, the PoC is an OPEN-M based tool which allows users to insert, retrieve, update, and delete data from/to the MBSE hub (JanusGraph), generate procedures based on the data retrieved from the MBSE hub. The prototype also demonstrates the finite state machine approach for procedure verification.
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